About Us

The Infosoft Networks (TIN) is a Web based Software Development Company.The Infosoft Networks is a private organization based in Lucknow ,North Region , India , specializing in Customized software development ,web development & website design with interactive flash and multemedia animation,hardware ,networking solutions, corporate training, web promotion and consultancy services. Company has been promoted by some heighly experienced Professionals dedicated to provide total IT solutions under one roof.It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experience hands to offer most user friendly customozed-solutions.

   Our Company supports a hub of Software professionals both having UG and PG Level degree and they coming from different backgrounds. We provide cost effective and feature based product balancing with space and speed.

Feature and Scope :

 * Optimized Space and Cost.

 * User Friendly Projects.

 * Best Tools and Technology.

 * The Sharp and experience professionals.

 * Multemedia/Graphical Support.

  * Short Duration Project.

Software Solutions :

   TIN Company Provides poerful most interactive Custome based Application Development, Web Based Development, E-Commerce solution, web hosting, Network based software, Website promotion,  and IT consultancy and training. We provide web based software, application software, network solutions and multemedia  softwares. The company customized Interactive Software Solution for our valuable clients  and also for internal use. The development softwares include Payroll Software, Financial Accounting Software, Petrol Pump Management Software, Service Station Management Software, School Management Software,Library Management Software, Barcode Printing Software, Invoice Software etc.

Web Solutions :

      TIN Company is not only provides you the software but also provides all the web solution like about the web technology, Internet usese, Web hosting services,  Web Space & Domain Registration and many more.The company has completed many web projects catering to niche segment of internet fraternity, which include portal dynamic website, multemedia rich interactive  website with flash and internet based solutions for Business Autometion. The company developed and launched 2-3 sites in a month for our clients. There are number of projects to be start  in coming days for differents clients., in which Online Examination System, Online Pathology System, Online Client Information System and many more.

Network Solution :

      The Infosoft Networks provides to their clients a proper network solution through the software. Having a specialized team of software development and network administration & installation and many more in the field of network & Internet. The network based School Managemnet System, Eye Hospital Syatem and Education System is under process of development.

 Training Solution :

     The TIN Software company's basic need is to provide a brief and online training onlive projects to fulfill the huge gap between an experience to Experties Professionals. Company provides software training to remove the gaps and providea a live working scenario to develop their soft skills to make them industry oriented.This has brought the company as a benchmark for Training solutions by some of the biggest names of the global. TIN web based software company in its training and consultancy Division at branch office, Gorakhpur starts the new Institutional-Industrial support system to remove the gap between newly educated person with the software. This interaction builds a bridge though Industrial Training and Technical support. Wich also boosts the trained people to easily get the Job in different orginazions in a industry. The team at the company (www.theinfosoftnet.com) is well qualified, strongly motivated and the infrastructure setup is state-of-the-art. All theis summed up with an interesting work invironment to deliver quality solutions, in a timely menner!

 Consultancy Solution :

      The Company's best and qualified professionals select a number of trained students and place them on a different live and online project, which make capable the trainees to become a software professionals. On complation of the training programmed on different live projects some selected trainees will be engaged by the company at handsome salary. Other trained people recommended and placed through our consultancy.