The Infosoft Networks (TIN) Company gives quality based and in-time solutions and services at a most cost effective price that make the clients profit and happiness. TIN Company emphasis on user-friendly, interactive and customized based software development at our well equipped center.

TIN vision of quality and innovation has successful in catering the needs of those who seek our assistance in following areas of IT enabled services like:


TIN has developed a number of software products both in network and Web design Applications for its clients in their service. Some valuable softwares are School Management system, Client Management System, Hospital Management System and many more. TIN has also working on a number of other live projects, and there are a number of project in hands in coming days.

Web Solutions :

 TIN Company is not only provides you the software but also provides all the web solution like about the web technology, Internet usese, Web hosting services,  Web Space & Domain Registration and many more.The company has completed many web projects catering to niche segment of internet fraternity, which include portal dynamic website, multemedia rich interactive  website with flash and internet based solutions for Business Autometion. The company developed and launched 2-3 sites in a month for our clients. There are number of projects to be start  in coming days for differents clients., in which Online Examination System, Online Pathology System, Online Client Information System and many more.

customer base. The web is anew and different medium for communication and requires a different view point and skill sets to use it in the most effective way.


Each  Client is different with his own ideology and vision, so should be his design. Having done more than 100 design solutions, we lwnd our service for - Logos, Brochures, advertisements, Corporate profile presentation, product catalogue, Training/Tutorial's Presentation, 2D-3D Animation and many more.


 TIN Company also provides the services of hardware to procure and useful them in a cost effective mannerthrough our best and reliable vendors.


 Consulting is the integrated part of our services with experties in custome programming, client-server database design and implementation, and web development. We specialize in designing and implementing cost-effective, creative information solutions to complex business problems. Company provides all type of supports towards the computerization. Company is also ingage in preparing the project proposal on any system  to their successful execution in most cost effective and managerial.


The training division of The Infosoft provides a quality training in various fields of IT. In our specialized training programs we emphasis not only on a course shedule but also make them be practical oriented solutions. Which also make them experience and remove hesitation from the trainees to become a perfect software professional. There are now modern technologies like Multemedia, Animation & Computer online training.We emphasis computerbased training which uses text, audio, visuals and animation in interactive as well as self paced modes. In IT, the training model is shifting from instructor based learning to net based learning.

To keep pace with the changing software and hardware scenario, we emphasize current IT trends and develop quality programs ro impart training and education in contemporary topics. Our mission is to provide a